Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dealing with menopause has been a frustrating, complicated and unbearable life challenge for women throughout the years. With today’s lifestyle, women have no time to go about their daily activities experiencing the symptoms and discomforts of menopause. These may include poor concentration, changes in libido, increased irritability, weight gain and a general sense of not being well (among others). This situation is aggravated when patients are told that these changes are normal and that there is nothing that can be done other than dangerous hormones or antidepressants. We can do better: these symptoms are common but you do not need to suffer through them. There are safe choices.
Although there are always questions and concerns about the safety in using hormone replacement therapy, we may be able to help you navigate your options in a clinically sound, effective and safe way. Manage and control your menopause today!

  • Have you used or are using any type of hormone replacement therapy that seems not to be helping?
  • Have you heard about Bio-Identical Hormone therapy?
  • Do you know that testing your hormones can be as easy as collecting saliva or doing a blood spot?
  • Compounded hormones can better meet your individualized needs and can be easily titrated and managed by us.
  • Are you finally ready to give yourself a break? Get to understand and deal with your menopausal symptoms today!

At our clinic, we offer counseling and management of menopausal symptoms by providing the best evaluation possible with an understanding and comprehensive point of view.

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