ashwagandhaIn this era of busy and hectic schedules, we are somewhat destined to become stressed while dealing with these situations, manageable or unwieldy, in our life. At the end of the day, we become tattered with numerous cognitive, physical, psychological and behavioral issues. To manage this stress we hunt for reliefs in the form of lifestyle changes and medications. However, we can hardly maintain those changes with the flow of our demanding everyday life.

Stress is a bodily response to certain situations where the body feels threatened and releases a set of hormones in order to counter those situations. However, what’s interesting is that stress influences different individuals in different ways. Therefore, we can’t exactly generalize stress when it comes to offering remedies for it. Now according to the research, untreated and prolonged periods of stress can influence several medical situations such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, immune systemrelatedissues, IBS, alopecia, heart diseases, strokes and so forth.

In relation to forms of stress management, we would like to focus on a more natural way to deal with stress and stress related issues. We are going to talk about a special herb, which is well known for its extraordinary antioxidant properties in the Indian subcontinent and Ayurveda – ‘Ashwagandha’. It is also known as the Indian ginseng and has been subject to several experimental assessments on its effectiveness.

In accordance with the numerous detailed researches, Ashwagandha works wonders as an effective and holistic tonic to facilitate stress management. A recent study shows that Ashwagandha extracts can deal with stress by improving the function of the brain and immune system. One of the active compounds found in Ashwagandha is called ‘withanolides’, which can improve the health of the brain. Moreover, a further study demonstrates the effects of Ashwagandha as an active agent against ageing of the brain.

According to a study that was published in the Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, cortisol levels (stress hormone) can be lowered significantly by taking Ashwagandha on a regular basis. Additionally, it demonstrated definite results in stress-related issues like depression, anxiety, psychological interests, and the overall nervous system. Individuals taking Ashwagandha supplement illustrated a more relaxed and calm demeanor compared to other participants. In addition, the properties of Ashwagandha benefit immensely in resolving issues related to sleep disorder or insomnia.Recently, a study was conducted in Japan in order to determine the effects of Ashwagandha in the case of brain health and other related concerns. The report exemplified certain results against cognitive defects like Alzheimer and Dementia. A continuous dosage of Ashwagandha extracts can lift your mood, the functionality of your brain and improve the operational functions of the body. Recent studies even suggested its potency as an anti-cancer agent.

Ashwagandha is a great natural cure for stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorder and other issues related to brain health, immune system and nervous system. This natural tonic does not have any unpleasant effect and is safe to consume on a continuing interlude as long as a medical practitioner approves it. Ashwagandha, without a doubt, offers great vitality for overall well-being.

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